Natural Eczema Care Made One Small Batch At a Time

We use Manuka Honey to calm Eczema.

Manuka Honey is safe to use on your little one's skin. Known for its high antibacterial properties, Which help fight bacteria from forming. While reducing inflammation and promoting wound healing along with strengthening and hydrating. Makes Manuka Honey a beneficial skin Ingredient, that helps tackle your child's eczema care needs.

Loving The Skin Your In❤

God creates the strongest warriors out of life's hardest battles. Be proud of the skin your in Eczema Warrior!

Natural Ingredients

At Baby Me Natural, we pride ourselves in using natural Anti-Inflammatory Ingredients to help fight those pesky eczema flares while soothing your Eczema Prone Skin❤

Thick in consistency, balms are soothing, ultra hydrating, and healing while sealing your Eczema Prone Skin from outside elements. While helping to repair the damaged Skin Barrier.

Skin Balm Benefits

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Calendula’s antifungal, anti-inflammatory, and antibacterial properties, are useful in soothing eczema, healing wounds, and relieving diaper rash. Calendula has also been found to increase collagen and elastin in the skin,which makes it useful in preventing the formation of scar tissue on the face and body.

We Love Calendula! You should too!

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Barrier Butter
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