Our Story


As parents, we want nothing but the best for our children. Unfortunately I was only able to breastfeed for 6 months, so I thought soy formula would be the next best option. My spouse and I had no clue our little one had an allergy to soy and our eczema journey began…

We dealt with endless nights of scratching, crying, and constant rub-downs. We went back and forth to the pediatric dermatologist, only to be given steroid creams and bleach treatments. As a mother, I was concerned about the long-term implications of steroid creams on my son's skin. So, like any other mother, I took matters into my own hands and turned Google into my closest friend while my son was sleeping.

I gradually began producing my own remedies with a combination of my natural interest in the healing powers of herbs and extensive research.

As small batches were completed, I'd sample my natural remedies on my son before his bedtime. After a matter of only a few weeks, I started to notice my son's skin getting softer, smoother, and less inflamed.

I am a strong advocate for healing from the inside out and was relieved that my little boy was finally starting to feel relief. Yet the battle wasn't over, fast forward a few years, I gave birth to my second son and unfortunately, he had the same experience as his big brother. Luckily I was prepared this time and quickly crafted my all-natural remedy to soothe his skin and keep his flare-ups under control.

Now as a mommy of two sons and a business owner, my days are full of creativity. Baby Me Natural was birthed from a need and a passion for all things natural that I lovingly Bring to you.


Taquasia Williams, Founder