Baby Me Eczema Kit Severe

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Is your skin extremely dry and cracked? are you experiencing uncontrolled itching that leads to bleeding? Than our Severe Kit Is for you. Packed with skin soothing and repairing ingredients. Your Skin will give a sigh of relief.

Step 1: Gently Wash with your Eczema Butter Bar, Rinse Gently Pat Dry.

Step 2: Follow up with Calendula Oil , let absorb

Step 3: Spray flared irritated areas let absorb

Step 4: Use Barrier Butter, Balm Or Ointment massage into skin as often as needed. right before bed apply a light layer over the irritated skin, do not rub in. you can also use the wet wrapping Technique, to help seal and trap in the moisture while the skin repairs.

Small Butter Bar

4 oz Calendula Oil

2oz Skin Relief Spray

4 oz Barrier Butter

4 oz Soothing Skin Balm

4 oz Repairing Skin Ointment